Henna Prenatal Guide

Henna is a Contemporary way to celebrate your pregnancy!

Prenatal Henna or Henna Belly Art is applied to, well, the belly! Pregnancy Henna is a beautiful way to celebrate the changes in the
woman’s body with a soothing ritual-rich meaningful experience. It is a practice centuries old that is symbolic and full of spiritual meaning. Specifically, certain symbols represent safety for the mother and baby.

Pregnant women may select symbols that they resonate with, as a pleasing or spiritual connection, to create a profound design or motif. Commonly mothers select the ” Tree of Life”, or “Lotus flower”.

Good to Know:

  • Recommended for mother in her 3rd Trimester. The belly art design or Henna Belly Art will generally darken after
    48 hours, and they will last about two weeks, with proper aftercare. The henna artist should only use 100% natural henna paste.
    Pregnancy-“safe henna” is all natural, made with an all natural henna powder, mixed with water,  sugar and some essential oils. Artists may also use all natural henna cones/tubes that are pre-made.

Watch Belly Art in Action

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credit: Kona Henna

credit: Divine Henna

credit: Henna by Heather