Fairy Party Ideas

Fairy Party Ideas

Fairy Party Ideas

Inspiration for kids parties!!
Today’s Party Inspiration blog is about Pixie Fairies for kids parties!This Pixie Party Guide has general party planning tips, and ideas for fairy-themed decorations, food, games, and activities, like fair face painting options….. 

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Planning & Invitations


First, Determine what you need for the party:

Obviously, basic supplies like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you will either already have at home, be able to borrow from a friend, or will need to purchase for a Fairy Party…..Check out the links below from Birthday in a Box while deciding what to purchase for your Fairy Party:


  • Cookie cutters in star, flower, and/or butterfly shapes
  • Costume items like fairy wings and a wand for each guest
  • A bubble making machine (surely one can be borrowed if you don’t have one)

Fairy Party Invitations

Creative invitations are fun and easy to make for a Pixie Party.  You can create some handmade invitations with construction paper and ribbon, adding an artificial flower and hand delivering to your child’s guests, or classroom friends. (Be aware that many schools today require all kids from the class to be invited if you hand-deliver at the school.)

Check out these Etsy invitations for a Pixie Party. 

Or these by Oriental Trading….Fairy Invitations

Decorating & Food Ideas

Decoration Ideas

From the moment your guests arrive they will know its a Pixie Party! You can have costumes for the children to weat at the party or simply ask that they wear one of their own….
Here are some easy ways to create a Never-land like environment….
Use a simple color theme like pink, lavender, white, and pale green and continue that theme all over the house, yard, into the cake even!
Twinkle lights are such an easy way to bring this theme to life. Decorate a scout house, a garage, or a mansion with sparkling lights and the children will love them!! Streamers or Wind Kites tied to trees create a whimsical outdoor environment when tied to tree branches…..
credit: Wiki-How

Don’t forget the Pixie Dust!!

Checkout the simple instructions on Wiki-How for Pixie Dust, “Making fairy dust to sprinkle outside simply requires glitter, in any colors you like, and a non-toxic powder”….

  • Turn on a bubble-making machine  – ambiance and fun for the kids
  • Tulle netting and white lights for creating the party space.
  • Use fresh flowers and glitter on tables and walkways
credit: Bird’s Party

Fairy Party Food Ideas

We share these ideas by Birthday in a Box
  • Prepare jam sandwiches and cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Serve vegetable dip in a hollowed out purple cabbage, or fruit dip in a hollowed out melon.
  • Serve cut up fruit in clear plastic goblets.
  • Prepare fizzy Enchanted Fairy Punch. Before the party, freeze either cranberry juice, pink grapefruit juice or fruit punch in ice cube trays. Then on party day, serve lemon-lime soda, and let each child drop in a “magic” ice cube that will make a pink drink fit for a fairy!
  • Another option is to offer pink lemonade as your Fairy Punch and serve it in teacups.
  • Make fairy wand cookies by sliding a wooden Popsicle stick under each star-shaped sugar cookie before baking. Bake as usual, and frost as desired. Try using our sugar cut-out cookies recipe, your own favorite recipe, or ready-made cookie dough from the grocery store.
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries are a favorite fairy snack.

Hire a Fairy Face Painter for your Party Entertainment!

credit: The Face Painting Fairy

Party Favor Ideas

Fairy Party Favor Ideas

Thank your guests with ‘enchanted’ party favors!
Credit Etsy shop Once Upon a Party

Some suggestions of favors, that fairy lovers include (links to Birthday in a Box):

For finding fairy face painters for your next event, check out on: FunnyFaceNetwork.