Batman Party Ideas

Batman Party Ideas

Batman is one of the most popular party themes of all times. Not just for boys either, girls love Batman, or Bat-Girl parties! We also know how much fun it is to plan a Batman party, with decorations, cake, food, activities, and of course, Batman Face Painting!

Our list today is covering the Batman theme from our favorite bloggers, complete with invitations, recipes, and instructions. For Batman Face Painting check out our favorites found below!

First, enjoy our curated list of fun Batman Party Ideas:

22 Batman Ideas for an amazing party, by Space Ships and Laser Beams!

Credit: Space Ships and Laser Beams

Cake and Dessert table ideas!

Credit: Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas
credit: Little B CAkes
Credit: Little B Cakes
Credit: Mathews Family Happenings

Party Decorations for a Fun Batman Party Theme

creative hanging bats by the very talented Martha Stewart!

credit: Martha Stewart

Birthday in a Box is a great resource for Batman Party Themed supplies. Batman plates, Batman decorations, and Batman invitations are all easily found at the best birthday party resource, Birthday in a Box!

Credit: Birthday in a Box

For Party Activities, try some Super Hero Training!

We just love the Queen of Themes, you will be amazed at how easy the chosen theme can be to provide activities and fun for all the kids!

Credit: Queen of Themes

We think the Bean Bag Attack would be a fun game to play:


How it Works: “Each little superhero takes their turn trying to knock the villains down with bean bag attackers. You can use empty 2-liters or soda cans to create the targets.” then Queen of Themes suggests….” Paint the bottles or cans bright colors then just print out picture of villains and glue them to the front. Voila… your targets are ready.  ”

They suggest bean bags be made from small socks filled with dry beans or rice. Pretty Simple: fill sock half way with beans, tie closed with a rubber band, then fold the sock back over itself.

Hire a Face Painter to create Batman Themed Faces for the Birthday Child and all the Guests….

Batman Face Painting is a popular theme that just about any face painter has been asked to create in her/his career. Boys and girls alike love to have Batman Face Painting- we happen to like these!

Enjoy these Inspirations!

Credit: As Seen on Pinterest
Credit: Original Artist unknown, Found on Pinterest

To find a face painter for your child’s party, whether its a Batman Theme party or any other fun theme, we can help you find the best artist for your entertainment! Check out the face painters directory, Funny Face Network.