Ft. Lauderdale's Top Face Painters for Private Parties

Ft. Lauderdale’s Top Face Painters for Private Parties

Ft Lauderdale Birthday parties are more fun when you include Face Painting entertainment.

Actually, not just for birthdays, Face Painting is great for corporate events, family reunions, community or HOA events and for just about a million other celebrations. (Ok, maybe not a million, but….lots of events are enhanced by this delightful activity that isn’t just for kids!) 

Face painting in today’s time has diversified quite a bit. It is no longer just painting hearts and spiders on kid’s faces. There are a wide variety of face appointing and temporary tattoos available today, such as glitter tattoos, henna tattoos, complex stencil patterns and intricate face paint designs of popular characters from kid’s culture and movies.

Face painters today employ diverse techniques to create beautiful and unique face masks. While improvising upon the various designs and tattoos, face painters also have to keep the safety of kids in mind. All of their products and medium should be FDA approved,  not craft paints, but actual skin-safe brands like Tag, Ruby Red, Ben Nye,  Mehron, Wolfe, Diamond FX, Snazaroo and so on.

Mentioned below are some key insights into those techniques:


  • Creating special effects- Ideal For theater, or maybe Zombies

Lots of face paints act as glues themselves allowing face painters to create a variety of special effects such as an extended nose, exaggerated eyebrows, and other features. Bits of cotton or wool and be attached with paint and colored over to created new details. Other effects such as flour dusting for ghostly effects, glittering and highlighting can be achieved through the right medium and practice.

  • Using stencils- Not cheating, but a tool man painters use today

Stencils are often used by painters to add dimension or complex patterns and shapes to hand-painted original designs. These can be a great tool to quickly enhance designs and keep a long line moving at a carnival or festival.  Stencils are also popular with airbrush designs creating stunning and fast full face designs.

  • Temporary tattoos- Glitter and Henna Tatts fun and safe for skin

Today there are a wide variety of temporary tattoo options available that are quite popular. There are several artists who specialize in henna, glitter, airbrush and other kinds of temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos have become quite popular due to their complexity in design and effects, and speedy application. Many times these are water resistant and great for hot Florida summer parties or pool parties.


If you need a quality face painter in Ft Lauderdale, check out these recommended talents:

My Balloon World: Balloon décor and face painting for parties


Contact Details: (954) 702-6109
email: events@myballoonworld.com

face painted image
Credit: My Balloon World

My Balloon World provides face painting, balloon twisting and other kinds of balloon décor services for children’s parties. They also have a strong social media presence on Instagram. Check out their talented face painting designs!

bunny facepainted girl
Credit: My Balloon World



animal face paintedgirl
Credit: My Balloon World


My Balloon World also provides smaller, cheek art, or tattoo type designs

arm painting design


and they are great for Halloween type, or Zombie events- proving face painting in Ft Lauderdale isn’t just for kids!

eye painted man
Credit: My Balloon World

Next, on our list, we have Face painting for children and ‘grown-ups’ with Dreamarkevents

credit: DreamMarkEvents

Dreamarkevents provides a variety of face painting services not only for children but also for adults. They have a variety of themed party planning and decoration services as well. In fact, they have just about everything you would ever need for parties. Animals, check. Photo booth, check. Beach wedding planning? Check!

DreamMarkEvents Website

Contact Details:(954) 990-4519; email: FL@DreamARKevents.co

credit: DreamMarkEvents



credit: DreamMarkEvents

Check out the dreamy face paint designs offered by, Wendy’s Face Paints.

credit:Wendy Face Paint
credit: Wendys Face Painting

Wendy’s Face Paints are popular for their Colorful and shiny designs. Talk to their artist, (her name is Esther), about your next party. They also offer glitter tattoos and princess meet and greet services for children’s parties.

Wendy’s Face Painting Website 

Phone number: 954-994-8504


Find local face painters using the Face Painters directory, www.FunnyFaceNework.com