Bridal Mehndi or Henna for Modern Brides

Bridal Mehndi or Henna for Modern Brides

Credit: Henna Traditions of San Francisco


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Credit: Henna Traditions of San Francisco

About Wedding Henna

Henna Traditions are celebrated throughout the world, and in many languages. Typically found in festivals or happy celebrations. Henna, traditionally, is regarded as providing blessings, and prosperity or luck and love. For brides, the darker the Henna the more the groom (and his mother) will love her! 
Credit: Henna Traditions of San Francisco
The Indian traditions of Mehndi are one of the most festive of all the pre-wedding ceremonies, and usually the one most looked forward to by the bride and her close friends. Its thought that the Mehandi Ceremony is the most important pre-wedding rituals.  The Henna and ritual are regarded as a good omen fort he bride, and according to Henna Traditions of San Francisco, it is usually organised with the Sangeet function, where young girls and women dance & sing traditional songs.  “Popular motifs of the Bridal Mehandi are Kalash, peacocks, Dhol, Shehnai, Doli & Baaraat patterns. According to custom, the bride must not step out of the house after the Mehndi ritual until the wedding day.”
Credit: Henna Traditions of San Francisco

How is Henna Made, and is it considered SAFE?

Yes, Henna is recognized as a safe, and organic practice. The paste itself is made from a collection of natural ingredients that are combined with the powder of leaves and twigs within the Henna plant (Botanical Name: Lawsonia Inermis). Lemon juice, Eucalyptus Oil, water, sugar are some of the ingredients that combined make the paste.
Credit: All About Henna
Basically, the leaves of the henna plant are crushed into a fine powder. The paste is then created by mixing the powder with natural ingredients. This henna paste will then be applied to the skin, by free hand, and will be left on for a few hours.  Leaving a bright orange stain on the skin, which darkens to a beautiful  brown color over the next 48 hours. 
Credit: All About Henna
Credit: Swirly Henna Hand Design The Henna Hollow Houston

Wedding Henna FAQ

To get the most of your wedding Henna, we offer this top advice from San Francisco’s Henna Tradition’s artist: Swati Shah.

Swati suggests that the Bridal Mehndi be applied earlier in the day for the Bridal Henna Ceremony, due to the complexity of most bridal designs lasting 3-8 hours. She offers suggestions on realizing the best color, and how to stay comfortable during the session. From the Henna Traditions site we learned, ” Ideally, you should get your Mehendi done 2 days before your wedding day, to get the optimum color. It takes 36-48 hrs for Mehendi to reach its peak stain.
Also, if there is a Mehendi ceremony or there are other guests, relatives who will also get their mehendi done, then it is highly advisable to get your mehendi done a day before or towards the early part of the day, before the guests arrive. This is important because Bridal Mehendi can take about to 3-8 hrs depending upon design and complexity and you need to be relaxed. ”
Henna Traditions also reminds brides that they may be distracted during their wedding henna appointment, with other guests and last minute jitters no doubt, and suggests that brides come in for a half-hour appointment before the actual Henna Day so that designs can be communicated in advance. She states, “come in for a complimentary  30 minutes consultation, any day before the Mehendi night, so as to select your designs in a leisurely way. ” Sounds good to us!
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Good to Know

  • Brides should get waxing, pedicure/manicure done before your mehendi day.
  • Avoid lotions or creams on the day you want mehendi done, before or after.
  • Its also suggested to wear comfortable clothing, for the lengthy sitting. 
Credit: All About Henna

Caring for the Henna Tattoo

Leave the paste on for at least 4 hours. When you leave the paste on for around 8 hrs it produces the best color as the properties bind to the keratin in your skin, (providing a beautiful but temporary tattoo effect.) 
  • Apply lemon sugar mixture to the paste to seal it.
  • Wrap tissue paper or medical bandage (maybe even old socks) before going to sleep. The objective is to keep the paste moist.
  • After 8 hrs, DO NOT WASH off your Henna, as the color will wash away with the water. Rather, apply olive or vegetable oil and gently scrape it off with blunt side of butter knife. Be sure to protect your hands from water for the next 24 hrs. (Then, it would be great to heat up some cloves on a tawa or griddle and allow the heat to hover over the henna-areas. Be careful not to burn your skin.

Be sure to enjoy your Wedding Henna experience, and have a wonderful day with your friends and close family members!

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