Chicago Caricature Talent Alive and Well in Chicago

Chicago Caricature Talent Alive and Well in Chicago

Chicago Caricature Talent Alive and Well in Chicago

If you are looking for talented caricaturists in the Chicago, IL area look no further.  The Funny Face Network is dedicated to introducing the finest talent available in your area.

Although there are dozens of artists in the area we have selected five outstanding caricaturists to highlight today.  We will be featuring other is the weekly posts to follow but today’s artists already have a superior track record for quality and service.  Without any preference to their order they are:

Credit: Party Doodle

Party Doodle – If you are looking for something different for kids or adults you will want to consider Party Doodle. They are not only great at drawing and entertaining but everyone gets a souvenir to remember your party. Or visit on Facebook

Credit: Faces in Focus

Faces in Focus Party Art – Here is another well-established gifted award-winning talent agency with long standings in the community. They are considered a “premier portrait, face painting caricature outlet with a plethora of different techniques that can be brought to the party. Contact:Website or call/email…


Ellen Lustig– This multi-talented artist not only is a caricature artist but creates hand puppets as well – all from a photo. She began discovering her talent at the young age of 16 and proceeded to further her career with formal training. She can provide Digital Caricatures, Party Caricatures, and Wedding Caricatures which many of us probably never thought of.  How fun would that be? Please see her video below, or, visit her online.   Website 

Custom Comedy Capers – Considered “your source for special event entertainment” this group offers many interesting services on their website not the least of which is caricature drawings. Check out their site for all their acts.

Adam Belmares CaricaturesThis artist believes in making the world laugh “one face at a time.” You must have a sense of humor in order to make others laugh and the idea is to leave them laughing after the event is over. Check his video below or visit him online.

There are others in the Chicago area, but these are our weekly picks.  Enjoy.