Pregnant Belly Painting

Pregnant Belly Painting



Belly Painting is a fun, modern way to celebrate this special moment for a mom to-be! Funny Face Network has looked high and low for some of the best images of Belly Art, and this blog is all about this modern view of the pregnant belly!

Body-Art for Mom to Be

Omaha Masquerade has this to say about the popular Pregnant Belly Painting: “Prenatal or Pregnant Belly Painting has become increasingly more popular in the US as a fun and creative way to commemorate this blessed event.  It started from the old world tradition of people having body art applied to signify a life altering experience.  Because the belly painting is temporary, it allows the mother to become as creative or crazy as she wants. ”


So what does it look like?

Searching Pinterest we found many fabulous examples of painted baby bumps- where possible we credited the artists, otherwise the photo credit is its origin, Pinterest…

Photo Credit: As seen on Pinterest
Bow Baby bump painting by Fey Faces
Credit:Bow Baby bump painting by Fey Faces
Baby bump painting by Fey Faces
Photo Credit: Baby bump painting by Fey Faces
Belly Paint Prenatal Art By Heather Aguilera Heather's Living Art
Photo Credit: Belly Paint Prenatal Art By Heather Aguilera Heather’s Living Art
Pretty cool idea for the ones who are prego ...... And have the nerve to show off the prego belly!!!
Credit: Koontz Photography
We love it! We ca do it! Party Magic Tucson, AZ 928-310-3670 #Belly #painting #Tucson
Credit: Weezy J



Baby Showers

Credit: Omaha Masquerade

OMAHA MASQUERADE has this to say: “Belly painting has become very popular for baby showers – a great place to show off your baby bump to friends and family!  It is also a fun way to celebrate the upcoming holidays!  We have lots of design ideas for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and anything else you can think up!  Some moms choose designs based around their nursery themes.”


Is it Safe?

Yes. Professional Face Painters and Body Artists will only use FDA approved paints and glitters that are safe for skin and designed for cosmetic use. Never use acrylic paints on the skin as they are craft paints, not designed for skin, and can cause major rashes and skin inflammation. Painters will use brands like Tag, Paradise, Ruby Red, Mehron, Kryolan, Wolfe, Ben Nye, paints that are well-established brands, made of high-quality ingredients, that provide cosmetic paints and supplies designed specifically for the sensitive or delicate areas of the face and body.

How is the Paint Removed?

Easily with soap and water. Wipes or a gentle cloth will remove paints. These are designed for the skin, so easily removable.

So, How does it Work, what does a Pregnant Mom Need to Know?

Find a belly-artist near you, using the Funny Face Network’s directory of fabulous professional face painters. Many artists will come to your location, or provide their own home base location as a studio, especially when a photographer will be involved.

Ask questions: How do appointments work- how far in advance to reserve. Most artists say to have the prenatal art about 6-7 months into pregnancy or whenever comfortable. Find out what designs are available, and look for portfolios to give you an idea. Most belly paintings are complete in one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the design.

Many moms will match the nursery décor, or find something that has significant meaning to her or the baby’s father when deciding what to paint. Many moms have it done for their baby shower! Just be imaginative, and you will find the right design for you.

If in Los Angeles try Belly Painting services by Face Painting Los Angeles



 or Belly Painting by Karina 


In Atlanta check out Fancy’s Face and Body Art

Credit: Fancy’s Face and Body Art

In Chicago check out the Picasso’s Painting Team

Credit: Party Picasso-Chicago

In Dallas Texas checkout painter: Prenatal Art and Henna Tattoos Dallas

Who also offers Henna Baby Bumps!

Credit: Karen Weiss Henna Tattoos Dallas

Henna Baby Bumps

Sarah creating a design for a new mom. Photo by Inese Photography.
Credit: SaraHenna

Seattle’s SaraHenna recommends”Pregnancy henna can be done at any time, though it’s most common between 32-37 weeks. If you’re planning a photo shoot your henna appointment should be scheduled 2-3 days prior to the session

Create a Keepsake

 New Jersey’s Wildflower Artist, has this to say about celebrating pregnancy with Henna “Be proud of your pregnant belly!! Pregnant belly art is a celebration of the pregnant form creating a joyous celebration of the last phase of pregnancy. Let your belly be a beautiful canvas! Celebrate your new figure by creating a personalized keepsake of the new addition to the family. A unique & creative way to celebrate your new shape with pregnant belly art!



Henna Baby Bumps Common Cultural Tradition

Creative Faces has this to say about Henna Baby Bumps: “Traditionally thought of as a way to ward off the evil eye and other dangers from mommy and baby, mommies receiving henna tattoos on her hands and feet during pregnancy is a common practice in ancient Eastern traditions. In modern times, henna applied to the mommy’s tummy is becoming more common with all sorts of beautiful and creative designs.”

Pregnant Belly Henna in Los Angeles at
Pregnant Belly Henna in Los Angeles at
Pregnant Belly henna tattoo designs in Los Angeles at
Pregnant Belly Henna in Los Angeles at



They offer Pregnant belly henna in  private sessions or baby showers, and will help create a package for your needs They say:”Henna tattoos are a great way for mommy to be pampered amidst the gentle aroma of the essential oils used the henna paste. For pregnant mommies, we use henna paste containing only lavender and jasmine essential oils. We never use black henna or any other chemicals in our all-natural henna paste.”  Safe and Fun!


Speaking of Henna Baby Bumps, look at these from this Iowa artist, IOWA HENNA




Good to know:

  • Belly Painting is Safe, and painters use FDA approved products that are generally water based.
  • The painting sessions may seem intense but mom’s comfort is top priority and plenty of breaks will be allowed! Mom’s usually will visit the artist’s home or studio, and lay down comfortably for the process. Of course painters can come to you, and do on-site paintings, which are great for parties and showers!

Self-conscious moms need not worry, as answered by Paintertainment, when she says” the makeup/design can completely cover your stretch marks so you won’t see your bare belly in your photos!”

Pregnancy is a fun and amazing time that is very special for the parents and siblings to be. Embrace it with this fun and creative medium, and expression of excitement and anticipation!


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